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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feng Chia Design Box

Kane Chang

Feng Chia University (FCU) always gives students new things. Last year, FCU improved their cell phone FCU Apps, built some high-tech meeting rooms, and even organized an organic fruit market for students and faculty. This year, the University gives students the “enjoyment of vision”—Feng Chia Design Box.

Feng Chia Design Box is a project of the Master’s Program in Creative Design. This program was founded in 2011, which means that it is a very young department compare to other departments. However, their accomplishments in national and international competitions have been so good that it’s hard to believe it is such a new program. In 2013, they won over ten gold medals in all kind of competitions, including the Seoul International Invention Fair, the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Invention/New Product Exposition (INPEX) in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. The Master’s Program in Creative Design has been so outstanding because it is extremely selective. The Program accepts only ten students each year, and the students need have interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. In 2014, the program director, Dr. Chiu, decided on a mission impossible—make a small, godforsaken space here on campus into a gallery where Program students could show their products.

Thanks to the National Art Museum and the National History Museum Cultural Material Product Program, Director Chiu got the idea of Feng Chia Design Box. All of the products in the Feng Chia Design Box display Taiwan traditional culture. For example, there are many cuddly toys that look like Taiwanese gods. Because Taiwan is a polytheistic country, we can see various gods and legendary characters in the Design Box display. Besides, there are also a lot of Hakka style clothing and classical teapots, both icons of traditional Taiwan culture. We can see “what is Taiwan” in a space that is only five square meters in size.
So, where is this five-square-meter room? Well, the answer is that the FCU Design Box is in that little empty room between MOS Burger and 7-11. This space was originally designed as a guardroom, but because 7-11 is open 24 hours a day and is very brightly lighted, the guardroom was not necessary there. Then this empty room became a godforsaken place until the Master’s Program in Creative Design took over. According to the program assistant, the products in the Design Box were all made by students and will become available for purchase in the future. Although just a few people stop to appreciate these creative products, these works of art are still very good products to represent Taiwanese traditional culture.

I am very lucky that I am an FCU student. The equipment is great and the location even better. We can buy and eat whatever we want extremely easily. Nowadays, FCU is also helping students developed a taste for art. Therefore, next time you pass Feng Chia Design Box on your way to “Boxed Lunch Street,” please take a minute to savor the dishes which the Master’s Program in Creative Design has prepared for us.

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