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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

“Frozen” – A Movie Review

Sophie Chiu & Mavis Wu

Frozen is an animated movie from Disney Studios. The story is about the queen of a small kingdom who has the ability to freeze things solid. Because Disney thought that story was too evil to make into a children’s film, they spent lots of time to rewrite it. Finally, it premiered in winter of 2013 and became the highest grossing Disney animated film.

The movie tells the story of two princesses, two sisters with very distinct personalities, Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (voiced by Cristen Bell). Sister Elsa is frosty, elegant and desirable, and Anna is vivacious, impulsive, and adventurous. Although they were very different, they got along very well when they were children. Elsa has the magical power to freeze anything, but she cannot control the power. After she accidentally froze something she shouldn’t have, the king closed all the doors in the palace to keep her from making another terrible mistake. Elsa was afraid that she might hurt someone, so she stayed away from everyone. One day, the sisters had a quarrel, and Elsa angrily ran away from home. In her anger, she accidentally froze the entire kingdom and escaped to the north mountain. There, she did not have to hide herself. She could use her power to do whatever she wanted. It was the first time she felt so free.  We can tell how free she feels from the songs she sings, including “Don't let them in; don't let them see" and "Let it go."

To dispel the magic and unfreeze the kingdom, Elsa’s sister, Anna, went to find her. On their journey to find Elsa and save the kingdom, Anna met two mountain men, Kristoff and Olaf. They challenged the bad weather and lots of danger together and in the process discovered the meaning of "true love."

After watching Frozen, we learned lots of things. First, the king taught Elsa hide her magical ability .We think the king was not right. Because Elsa is not a freak, she should just have learned how to control herself so she would hurt others. This film also talks about true love. Lots of people think that “true love” is when a man and a woman fall in love. However, this film was different; Frozen showed us that real love is when someone comes to help you when you just think about him or her when you are in trouble.  

Frozen is the first Disney movie where the princess doesn't fall in love with a man and finally have a happy ending, but we think this is more realistic. In the real world, a woman never marries a man as soon as they meet; they first spend some time getting to know each other's personality. When they finally think that they can live together forever, they hold a marriage ceremony to celebrate their love.

Frozen is really different from other cartoons, so we recommend that you go to the theater and enjoy it!

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