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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Lettuce" – A Restaurant Review

Momo Lin  & Anny Zheng

Eating habits are different now; many people eat out very often. There are many kinds of foods we can choose from, and American restaurants are more and more popular among young people. We would like to introduce “Lettuce” to you, a new restaurant where you can have a relaxing meal and chat with friends. 
All photos by the authors

“Lettuce” is an American restaurant near Feng Chia University (FCU.) The word lettuce means a fresh vegetable, so the name “Lettuce” means all the meals at this restaurant are fresh.

Even from the outside, “Lettuce” looks special, so we wanted to try it.  The decoration is different from other restaurants; everything was designed by the owner, including the menus, the photos and drawings on the walls, and the fans hanging from the ceilings. There are also some notebooks and stickers designed by the owner on sale at the restaurant. All of the floors at “Lettuce” are made of driftwood the boss has collected. On the wall, there are many photos recording the owner’s travels around the world. There are also photos of customers enjoying their meals at “Lettuce.” The pictures on the shelves were also drawn by the owner.

  “Lettuce” sells many kinds of sandwiches such as American burgers and subs. If you don’t want to eat too much, you can choose a deep fried side dish or a salad. There are also set meals you can order. If you order a burger, you only have to add NT$50-60 to get a soft drink and a deep-fried side dish.

  The hamburgers at “Lettuce” are full of lettuce, onions, cheese and pickled cucumbers. Their hamburger buns are crisp outside and soft inside. The lettuce is fresh and sweet. The onions aren’t very spicy; they just add a crispy taste. We suggest that you have a set meal; you can choose a soft drink such as Coca-cola, Sprite, and lemon tea. You can also have some deep fried foods such as chicken rice flower, chicken, onion rings and French fries.

  There is only one server in the whole restaurant, the owner. He is so kind and interesting that we enjoyed our meals at “Lettuce” very much. If you visit Feng Chia night market, you must drop by “Lettuce” and try one of their sandwiches; you will be surprised by their special decorations and affordable prices. “Lettuce” is a good place to have a meal and chat with your friends. The relaxed dining atmosphere and open space will attract you to come back again and again. Remember to make a reservation, because the seating at “Lettuce” is really limited. You are sure to have a good dining experience at “Lettuce.”

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