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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

“Tiger’s Curse” – A Book Review

Coco Hsiao

In my free time, I love to browse new books at the bookstore. Recently, I was attracted by an adventure novel, Tiger’s Curse, by Colleen Houck. This is a romantic fantasy with a background in mysterious Indian mythology. I still can’t forget this book for its interesting cultural flavor.

Kelsey is a girl who was adopted after her parents died in a car accident. In order to earn money for college, she went to a local circus and asked for a part-time job. Her jobs included taking care of the circus’ animal star – an Indian white tiger, “Ren.” After getting the job, Kelsey was surprised to discover that her best tiger friend, Ren, had magical power and a special identity. Ren was an ancient Indian prince who was cursed by his enemy and became a tiger. He needed Kelsey to help him breaking this curse because she was chosen by the Indian god “Durga.” In the story, Kelsey and Ren had to complete the tasks that Durga had given them (looking for 4 gifts and making 5 sacrifices) so that the tiger could return to his human form. During this adventure, Kelsey not only needed to fly halfway around the world to India, but she also had to face some difficult challenges. Most importantly, she had to overcome her own fears and believe in love again.

In Tiger’s Curse, Kelsey became lonely after her parents died. Although Kelsey had a strong will, she was still afraid of losing the people she loves again. Like lots of adoptees, it was hard for her to overcome this obstacle because of her past experience; she subconsciously avoided opening her heart and maybe being hurt again. Through this story, I think the author really communicated how adoptees feel and how they desire to be loved by someone again.
From the book, I learned that, “No matter what difficulties you face, just believe your heart and listen to the voice of your soul; they will tell you the answer.” Kelsey fell in love with Ren; however, she left because she not only feared losing love again, but she also had no confidence. She thought too much and couldn’t hear her heart. I think it is not an easy thing to learn how to calm down and follow your mind. If you can keep your heart at peace, you’ll find the real path.

My favorite part of Tiger’s Curse was that it was set in an amazing Indian cultural background. The story combined the Indian style of thinking, mythology, and religion and made the reader feel the beauty of this special eastern culture. For example, there are a few graceful poems (like “Sakuntala”) in the book to express the emotions of the characters. I also admired the author’s writing skill; she was able to explain every action, feeling, and place in detail. I not only enjoyed the story, but could actually “see” the story in my mind.

I really liked Tiger’s Curse and its foreign setting. I imagined that I was an adventurer taking risks on those amazing trips. The story also reminded me how to make a decision when I face problems. Tiger’s Curse is the first book of the tiger series. If you’re interested in this book, you’ll find it in the school library. I recommend the book for teenagers to read in their free time because the plots will make you relax and enjoy when you read it. It’s such as a special novel that I ‘m sure after you tried, you will become one of “Tiger’s” royal fans.

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