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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

“Twilight" – A Movie Review

Luye Tu & Vivian Chang

If you love stories about beautiful girls and handsome guys, you must see Twilight, a romantic movie based on a romantic book. .

At the beginning of the movie, Bella moves to Foxes Town to live with her father. On her first day in her new town, she meets many new friends, including Edward. Bella was attracted by Edward at first sight. He was just like Prince Charming in Bella’s eyes, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. That’s how she could easily see that there was something strange about Edward. Later, one day Bella was almost hit by a truck, but Edward saved her. Bella was surprised because at that time Edward was meters away from her and Edward held back the truck with super-human strength. Later, Bella found out that Edward was so powerful because he was a vampire; still, she couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

Kristen Stewart played the role of Bella Swan. Rob Pattinson played the role of Edward Cullen. Edward was a vampire who lived behind a human mask. Both Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson became very popular because of this movie. Moreover, the Twilight soundtrack also included songs by many popular singers and bands, including Linkin Park, Paramore, and Muse. The most unforgettable song, “Bella’s Lullaby,” was written by famous composer Carter Burwell. After you see Twilight, “Bella’s Lullaby” will bring back romantic memories whenever you hear it. In this movie, Edward’s family also played a very important role. Despite the fact that they needed to control their hunger for human blood, they still decided to receive Bella as a family member. They supported every decision made by their family. In real life, it is really hard to accept a person with a totally different background. This is a really important lesson we can learn from this movie.  

It’s a long journey to find your true love, but true love is definitely worth waiting for. However, we are humans, not vampires; we can’t wait for a thousand years. This is the reality we need to overcome. Perhaps true love happens only in the movies or in fairy tales. Romantic movies like Twilight are really suitable for couples to see on a date or one that a single person can enjoy and try to imagine being loved by somebody.


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