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Saturday, April 26, 2014

“Cast Away” – A Movie Review

Claire Chao & Jim Wu

Cast Away is an adventure drama film starring Tom Hanks. The story is about a man trying to survive alone on an island. When the movie was released, it aroused much attention all over the world and achieved great success, both critically and commercially. Because we enjoyed the movie so much, we decided to recommend the movie Cast Away to you.

Chuck is the main character in the movie. He is an analyst at FedEx. He lives a full life and does everything on time. In addition, he has a fiancée named Kelly, and they are preparing to spend their whole lives together. One day, he was on a business flight when the plane encountered a storm; the crash that resulted changed Chuck forever.

After his plane crashed into the ocean, Chuck was lucky enough to find a slice of board and used it to float to an island. Only Chuck survived the air crash. The only two things he found on the island were the body of the pilot and a FedEx package containing a volleyball originally sent as a birthday gift. Chuck looked at the sea day by day, hoping for rescue, but no ship came. He was so desperate that he even thought about ending his life. However, he found a photo of Kelly, which gave him the courage to do anything to survive and return home to her.  

Chuck started to learn basic survival skills on the island, finding water and hunting for food. When he tried to make a fire, his hands were hurt by the timber. The blood on his fingers inspired him to paint a smiling face on the volleyball with his blood; he named his new friend 'Wilson'. The relationship between Chuck and Wilson is interesting and touching. The scene that moved me most was when Chuck made a fire and lay on the beach in the middle of the night, talking to Wilson about his friends, his fiancée, and his hopes for the future. Though he slowly adapted to his new environment, he spent most of his time searching for anything that might help him build a raft that would take him home.

After four years of exile, Chuck finally made a fragile raft and decided to leave. He made a desperate attempt and drifted out to sea. Unfortunately, the waves were strong, and Wilson was push away by the waves. Chuck jumped into the sea to save his friend, but he failed. He burst into tears as he watched his only friend drift farther and farther away. The accident was also a symbol of Chuck finally leaving his life on the island. Finally, he was rescued. The news and story of Chuck astonished the nation; everybody cheered for him. However, his life had changed forever. The girl whose photograph had given Chuck the strength to survive for four years alone on an island had married another man. At the end of the film, Chuck and Kelly stood in the rain and kissed goodbye. Though they still loved each other, Chuck chose to give up his dream of a future with her because he had already figured out the meaning of life. In the last scene of the movie, we see Chuck standing in a desolate country intersection looking out into the distance and smiling.

The movie was touching and meaningful. Most of the time, the only actor in the movie is Tom Hanks; however, the movie was not boring at all. On the contrary, it was attracting and impressive. Tom Hanks' acting was really excellent. Many scenes between Chuck and Wilson were impressive. Tom Hanks was nominated for the “Best Actor” Oscar for his performance. The character “Wilson” was really special. Chuck sometimes thought talking to a volleyball was stupid, and sometimes he treated Wilson like his best friend; this showed how lonely Chuck was and how strongly he desired to get back home. The ending of the movie is very strong; Chuck is standing alone at a crossroads, alone again but hopeful.

When people encounter trouble, a strong will can help them make a breakthrough. The desire to return to his life before was so strong that Chuck never gave up and managed to survive his ordeal on the island. After he was rescued, Chuck returned to his former life. However, that life seemed even more difficult than living on the isolated island because everything had changed, his work, his friends, and even his love. At the end of the movie, Chuck chose to live a much simpler life. What we can learn from Cast Away is to cherish all that we have in our lives and never regret if we lose something.

Cast Away is an excellent movie with perfect actors and director. The movie is meaningful, and what you can get from the movie changes also. I saw the movie a few years ago, but reviewed it again last week; the feeling was really different. Seeing Cast Away the second time led me to consider what I might be able to achieve in my life. It’s truly a movie worth watching.

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