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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lattea – A Restaurant Review

Jane Kao & Lily Lai

One afternoon, we were walking in the Feng Chia University area, and we passed by a restaurant named Lattea. We thought this name was very interesting, so we went in. What we found was a really comfortable place that had good food at a reasonable price – perfect for students like us!
All photos by the authors
 When we entered the restaurant, we saw it was pretty large inside. The lighting was a little dim, and they were playing America pop music, Avril Lavigne. We took a menu and found a table for four. All the tables and chairs at Lattea are white; we felt it was simple, but neat and clean.
Lattea sells mostly tea, and most of their tea is cold. They also sell food, but mostly fried food such as French fries, chicken nuggets, and fried cheese balls; however, they also sell dumplings and instant noodles.

We ordered two cups of tea and a meal. One drink was Bare tea with panna cotta on top. The tea was purple, and the panna cotta was white; the tea had a sour berry flavor, and the panna cotta was slightly salty. Together, the drink was a bit sweet. It cost NT$55. 

       Our other drink was hot milk tea with Bailey’s Irish cream; we call it milk tea, and it cost NT$75. The milk tasted heavy and smooth. Although the milk tea had liquor added, Bailey’s Irish cream, the taste of the liquor was very light. We think this is a good choice for people who are light drinkers. 

     To go with our drinks, we ordered a dish called “Small Party,” which included French fries, chicken nuggets and fried cheese balls; it cost NT$100. We think the fried cheese balls were best. The outside was crispy and the inside was sticky cheese and soft potato. By the way, the chicken nuggets were spicy, and this Small Party meal came with two sauces, ketchup and wasabi. We thought our meal and our teas were not bad, and the atmosphere at Lattea was very good. However, the most important was the service; we felt that the waiters were polite and our order came pretty fast, so we didn’t have to wait too long.

 This restaurant is very suitable for chatting with friends and drinking a cup of tea. Lattea is a nice shop for students because it is very close to school, and the prices (NT$50-100) are moderate. What is especially nice for students is that at Lattea they don't have a table time limit, so you can sit and chat as long as you like. Lattea is definitely a restaurant you will want to visit.


14 Wenhua Road, Lane 19, Taichung (Close to MOS burger)
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 13:00~1:00
 Friday and Saturday 13:00~2:00
Phone: (04)24521448 

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