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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Night at the Museum – A Movie Review

Jacob Hung & Amy Chen

Night at the Museum is an American movie starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. It is an interesting story about a night watchman in a museum where all the exhibits come to life at night. This movie was both funny and exciting because it is a fantasy adventure comedy. Hence, if you are bored or in a bad mood, watching this movie will add some excitement and joy to your life!

 In Night at the Museum, there are two main characters. Larry (Ben Stiller) is a divorced father. Because he is unemployed, his son thinks he is a “loser.” To change his son’s thinking, Larry decides to apply for a job as a night watchman at the local museum. However, he finds that this museum is not normal at all because all the exhibits come to life at night. As he gets to know the “people” in the exhibits better, he starts to help solve the discord between some of them. Also, while he is a watchman, he finds that there is another big secret in the museum. The other main character, former President Franklin (Robin Williams), is an exhibit in the museum. Although he is just a waxen statue, he is really significant in the movie because when Larry feels frustrated, Franklin encourages him to stand up again and tells him that he is not a loser but a hero. With Franklin’s inspiration, Larry pulls himself together to overcome the severe crisis which the museum encounters and rescues the museum.

In order to save the museum from chaos, Larry has to solve the problems related to all the museum exhibits. For instance, a capuchin monkey in one exhibit stole Larry's museum keys and tore up his instruction manual. In this case, Larry tricked the monkey with a set of toy keys. At the end of the movie, the museum atmosphere is no longer so tense, but is full of rejoicing and cheers. The song that we hear when Larry and all the exhibits celebrate together is so energetic and cheerful that it always comes to me as I recall the movie. The song is “September,” a classic funk hit of the 70’s, sung by a band called Earth, Wind and Fire.

Night at the Museum is a movie that combines fantasy, adventure, and comedy. On top of that, it is a story about a father trying to keep his promise to his son and encouraging his son not to give up on his dreams. In other words, Larry proves himself as a great man and a successful father. If you are interested in adventure, unusual events, and sweet family stories, Night at the Museum is an excellent choice – and you can see it for free by borrowing it from the Feng Chia University library!

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