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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shei-Er Hot Pot – A Restaurant Review

Luye Tu & Vivian Chang

There are many famous spicy Hot Pot restaurants in Taichung, and, if you don’t like to eat spicy food, well, there are many OTHER Hot Pot restaurants in town! Our favorite, Shei-Er Hot Pot, recently opened a new branch near Feng Chia University, and every time we pass the store, our mouths start to water. Last week, we finally found the time to go in, and we were not disappointed!

Shei-Er Hot Pot belongs to Wowprime Group. However, unlike most of Wowprime’s restaurants, Shei-Er Hot Pot’s is affordable for students. Although the price is lower than at other Wowprime restaurants, the service is just as good. When you enter the restaurant, every waiter will say hello to you and politely show you to your seat. During your meal, the waiters will take your requests and always keep your table clean. The most important thing is that even though we experienced such high quality services we didn’t need to pay an extra service charge! The interior of Shei-Er Hot Pot is brightly lighted, and when you walk into the restaurant, will feel very relaxed and immediately be in a better mood. You will also feel good about the food they serve at Shei-Er because at Shei-Er Hot Pot, there is a big window to the kitchen that you can look through and watch your dinner being prepared. You don’t have to worry at all about the quality of the food.  

When you order your hot pot at Shei-Er, you first choose which soup you want to use in the pot. One is made with fried onions, and the other is simple broth. Every order includes a vegetable platter, a slice of lemon, and some grated daikon radish, and you can choose either noodles, rice, or udon noodles to go with your hot pot. At Shei-Er, they have a large selection of meat and seafood entrées; there over ten you can choose from such as pork, chicken, lamb, duck, squid, and beef. In many Hot Pot restaurants you only can choose one meat or seafood, and sometimes it’s really hard to decide.  At Shei-Er, however, you can create your own combination of meats! For example you can choose beef and chicken or squid and pork. The lemon and grated daikon radish that comes with your hot pot goes great with the meat, too; it can help ease the greasy feeling of eating too much meat.

The next time you are looking for a new restaurant to try, don’t hesitate to pick Shei-Er Hot Pot. Like at other Wowprime Group restaurants, the food and service are really high quality. Secondly, the prices are reasonable. In short, if you want to enjoy great food in a comfortable environment on a limited budget, choosing Shei-Er Hot Pot is the smart thing to do.

Shei-Er Hot Pot

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30-23:00
312 Henan Road, Section 2, Taichung
Phone: 04-24522889

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