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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Fifth Haunted House of Feng Chia — The Hatred of the House

Kane Chang

This is my third year in Feng Chia University, and, because I need to study overseas this year, this is also my last semester in Feng Chia. Therefore, I recently decided to do something that I have always been curious about but didn’t have enough courage to do before – experience the Feng Chia Haunted House.
All photos by the author

This year, Feng Chia Haunted House was held in 育樂 building from March 21 to March 23. The Fifth Feng Chia Hunting House was sponsored by ten departments, including Accounting, Public Finance, Communication Engineering, Marketing, International trade, Finance, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and System Management, Foreign Languages, and Chemical Engineering. Although there were so many departments working on the Haunted House, it was still a tough mission for them. According to Shadow, one of Haunted House staff from Chemical Engineering, “We spent about three months on this activity, and each day that the Haunted House was open, more than one hundred people were working together for 12 hours without rest. It might seem easy to host a haunted house, but it’s not.” Shadow also told me why Feng Chia Haunted House was held in March instead of on Halloween or during Chinese ghost month. She said, “it’s kind of a tradition. We have always held Feng Chia Haunted House in March beginning from the first Haunted House.” And why has it become a tradition? I. She said, “As far as I know, when the original Haunted House proposal was submitted to the school, the育樂building was available only in March. Therefore, it became a tradition from that time.”

After experience the Haunted House of Feng Chia University, I must say this Haunted House is the best haunted house I have ever been to. However, there is one serious defect in this activity; I needed to wait in line for about three hours before I could get in! This situation forced a lot of people to leave the line and do something else while they were waiting. Fortunately, the location of Feng Chia University is great, so they could go shopping and forget that they were still waiting for the haunted house. Visitors could leave their cell phone number with one of the student workers and be notified when it was time to go in.

Once inside the haunted house, visitors need to collect eight missing photos. When the photos have been collected, the hatred of the girl ghost will disappear. When you focus on where the picture is, the girl will cry or yell suddenly. In addition, other ghosts will appear from nowhere to scare you, so you cannot relax even for a second. Once you start to relax, a ghost will be standing right behind you!

Finally, I must say I really recommend the Feng Chia Haunted House; it’s cheap, and you will be surprised at how frightening it is! Next March, if you think your life is too boring, Feng Chia Haunted House is a good chance to experience something exciting. And don’t forget; buy your ticket in advance and save 60 dollars! 

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