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Monday, June 2, 2014

Jay Chou's "On The Run" – A Music CD Review

Momo Lin & Anny Cheng

Jay Chou is a Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter, actor and director. In 2000, Jay released his first album, which was called “Jay.” His music remixed Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B and blues.  “On the Run” was Jay’s eighth album; it was released in 2007 by JVR Music. This was the first album that Jay released under his own record company. This album was awarded Best Song of the Year and was among the top 10 Mandarin albums listed by the Kong Album Selling Awards. In 2008, “On the Run” was also nominated for five awards at Taiwan’s 19th Golden Melody Awards.

There are ten songs on “On the Run.” Nonsensical, is in the hip-hop style, and there is also some special dancing in the music video of this song. The rock song Incomparable is now the theme song of Dynasty Warriors online game. The R&B love song, Dandelion’s Promise is a blues number about falling in love. With the title song, Cowboy on the Run, Jay took a chance with American country folk singing style. The brisk song, Sunshine Homeboy calls on homeboys to go out and pursue their love. There is a Chinese style sad love song, Blue and White Porcelain, too. The sweet song Sweetness shows Jay’s special style; it’s sweet, brisk, and playful.

There are also some love songs on this album, such as Rainbow, The Longest Movie, and I’m Not Worthy. Rainbow was originally written for his movie, “Secret,´ and recollects an old love affair. I’m Not Worthy tells us that public figures are not as free as most people because they are not free to love.

Our favorite song on “On the Run” is Blue and White Porcelain. We like the song’s lyrics; they are beautiful and poetic. The music video of this song is very touching, too; it uses traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain to represent the continuation of love from the past to the present.

“On the Run” mixes many musical styles, and although not everyone likes Jay’s singing style, we think there is still something special about Jay’s music, and we like it very much. Whether you like brisk, playful songs or sad love songs, we are sure you will find something you like on this album. 

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