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Monday, June 2, 2014

Penghu Summer School

Kane Chang

The weather in Taichung has been getting hotter and hotter recently, and it reminds me of the unforgettable time I had last summer in Penghu Summer School. Applying for this interscholastic activity was not easy; actually, because the application process was so complex, some of my classmates just gave up. I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did!
Photos by the author
  There were several things I had to do here at FCU to prepare for my summer learning activity. First, I went to the Registration and Curriculum Section (註冊課務組) to pick up a transfer credit application (校際選課單). Then I went back to my department and got the chairman’s signature on the application; this means that the department approved of me taking the Penghu Summer classes. After that, I had to go to the General Education Center on the tenth floor of 人言大樓 to find out what kind of general studies credit I could get for the Penghu classes. The staff person at the General Education Center wrote the names of the FCU courses I would get credit for you on my transfer credit application and stamped the form. Finally, I went back to the Registration and Curriculum Section and got the stamp of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Once I had finished this step, I had done everything I needed to do at FCU.

Now for the Penghu part of the process. I first went to the website of Penghu University Summer School and filled out an online personal information form. Then, a few days later, I received the Penghu University tuition bill in the mail. I went to the post office and paid the NT$ 5900 bill, which included tuition and 7 days room and board. Terrific! I had finally completed my application! Now the only thing I had to remember was to take my transfer credit application with me to Penghu to get Penghu school’s stamp. I would get FCU credit only if I had gotten the Penghu University stamp on my FCU form! Thankfully, everything went well, and I did get credit for my classes.

        There were many classes I could choose from when I began the application process, including Penghu World Heritage, Marine Sport, Explore Ocean Environment, Application of Nature Resource, Working Holiday, and Foodstuff Technology and Safety. The course I took was Marine Sport. It was a wonderful course, and I learned a lot. On the first day of this five-day course, we had an opening ceremony. Then the teacher told us where we needed to go on the second day and also introduced Penghu University to us. On the second day, we had an all-day lecture about Marine Sport, included how to play and what we should pay attention to. Although this day is quite boring, it was still important for us because if we didn’t know what to do, it would put our life in danger. For the following three days, we had our classes at the seaside.

We experience canoeing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. The most impressive course to me was windsurfing because it is an extremely exciting sport. When you are windsurfing, you go very fast, just like driving a Jet Ski. However, when you are windsurfing, you are standing up, which is much more tiring. I will never forget the exciting feeling of gliding through the water on my windsurfing board.

On my final day in Penghu, the university held a BBQ party for all of the summer school students. They provided a variety of fresh seafood, and (the best part) I eat much as I wanted! The seafood in Penghu is very fresh and delicious; if you have a chance to visit Penghu don’t miss the seafood there.
After this five-day course, I have one suggestion and reminder for others who want to join this program. First, bring a long-sleeve t-shirt to Penghu. Although the weather in Penghu is very hot, you still need to wear a long-sleeve shirt because it’s easy to get sunburn if you wear short sleeves. In addition, don’t believe that long sleeves and sun cream will protect you from the sun; last year, I used a lot of sun cream and thought I would be safe. However, I failed. I got a very serious sunburn on the third day. It was excruciating, like thousands of tiny ants crawling all over you and biting you at the same time. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you bring a long-sleeve shirt. Second, at the end of this program, Penghu University will ask you to write a course review of the program and complete a survey; then you will get your score report card in about one month. Don’t forget take this report card and your transfer credit application to the Registration and Curriculum Section here at Feng Chia to get your General Studies credit.

        As you can see, participating in the Penghu Summer School program may be a bit of trouble, but it’s well worth the effort! If you are interested in applying for the program this year, just do what I did and you will be OK – and you will avoid the nightmare of not having enough General Education courses. Go online right now and search for 澎湖科技大學夏日大學”– and enjoy your summer in Penghu!

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