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Monday, June 2, 2014

Snow? In May?

Vicky Wei & Annie Wang

In April and May, the tung trees bloom in the mountains of Miaoli. When the blossoms fall from the trees, the scene is like snow. Thus, tung blossoms have been called “May Snow”. Recently, I had my first chance to appreciate this beautiful scene. To see the pretty May Snow, we took a trip to the Tung Lodge in Miaoli.

We didn’t ride our motorcycles to our destination; we thought that it was too far from Taichung to Miaoli. Instead, we chose a safer and cheaper way to get to Miaoli. First, we took a local train to Miaoli train station. Then we took Bus No.5656 and got off at Rice Mill. Last, we walked down Fudenong Road to the nearest walking trail.

From the street, we could see tung blossoms covering the whole mountain. We also smelt the sweet fragrance of the flowers and the slight scent of the mountain soil. We walked along the narrow walking trail to enjoy this beautiful scenery. The trail was a little gloomy; we could barely see the trees on either side of the trail because the flourishing tung trees and tung blossoms blocked out most of the light! 

We took a break on a bench by the side of trail and admired the tung blossoms. Tung blossoms are shaped like a star. The petals are white but the flowers are a little pink and yellow in the center. The local guide at the lodge later told us that tung blossoms signify grace and poetry. Maybe that is why we saw that someone picked some flowers and arranged them in the shape of heart on the ground. The blooming trees looked just like a painting, so we took lots of pictures. We loved this place very much.

After strolling along the trail, we arrived at our second destination – Tung Lodge. Tung Lodge is located in the mountains near Tung Blossom Trail. When we entered the lodge, we saw many tung trees surrounding the small wooden cottages of the lodge. Outside of the lodge, there were many wooden seats of different sizes. We sat in our chairs and enjoyed the view of tung blossoms drifting and falling slowly. We felt comfortable and quiet. Although we didn’t have a chance to try the food at Tung Lodge, we loved the place because of its peace and grace.

Tung blossoms are unique and beautiful. In April and May, everyone goes to the mountains in Miaoli to appreciate the special, romantic May Snow. In Taiwan, many towns have tung blossom trails, so you can see May Snow covering the mountains. Don’t miss this beautiful scene, or you will have to wait for another year.

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