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Monday, June 2, 2014

The 2014 Municipal Cup at FCU

Frople Lai

In Taiwan, many students are very enthusiastic about sports in their leisure time, so many kinds of games or activities are held at school every semester. In addition to these activities on campus, there are also competitions between schools. The Municipal Cup is just this kind of intercollegiate event, and for my department and our table tennis team, it was a big deal this year. 

Photos by the author
 Participants in the Municipal Cup come from departments of municipal studies such as urban planning, land management and development, land economics, and construction engineering. The aim of the Municipal Cup is to give students from different schools the opportunity to make new friends through this sports exchange, to learn some skills from each other, and to relieve the pressure students feel from their studies. This year, the competition was organized at FCU by the Urban Planning and Spatial Information department. There were five events this year, including softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis.

The table tennis team from the FCU Urban Planning and Spatial Information participated in this competition. Our team believed that we should just play table tennis happily and avoid the pressure of trying to win a prize, so our regular practices felt really relaxed. Our teammates all got along well together. After practice, we often went out together for food and fun. I’m not very good at table tennis, but everyone on the team was willing to teach me. It made me feel that our team was like a big family.

During the competition, we lost – but not by much! I think we had the ability, but we lacked actual game experience. The champion this year was FCU’s department of Land Management, second place was CKU’s Urban Planning, and in third place was our table tennis team. Although we were a bit disappointed with the result, we really enjoyed the whole process of practicing together and competing together.

While the Municipal Cup is open only to students in departments of municipal studies, we welcome ALL students to come and watch – and to cheer for the FCU teams!  We hope to see you there next year!  

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