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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kirin Ichiban Garden – A Restaurant Review

Bob Yang & Eric Huang

In the middle of May, a special restaurant from Japan opened near the Chung-Yo department store in Taichung City. It’s called Kirin Ichiban Garden. What makes this restaurant so special is their beer smoothies, which you’ve simply got to try if you are a beer fan.
All photos by the authors

You can see Kirin Ichiban Garden from a distance; outside the restaurant, there is a huge Kirin beer smoothie logo on the side wall. It is pretty eye catching, especially at night. When you first go into Kirin Ichiban Garden, you will see a bar and a few seats. Up on the second floor, there are about 30 to 40 seats and some interesting props for costumers to take photos with, such as wigs and some silly hats. There are also a few cool makeup desks, just like the ones stars use before they go out onto the stage. 

The signature drinks at Kirin Ichiban Garden are limited-time-offer beers and beer smoothies. A beer smoothie is beer served with shaved-ice made with beer instead of water, which adds a new taste and makes it more than just a beer. The ice foam keeps the temperature of the beer under -5, preserving the best taste. To go with your beer, the Garden serves some delicious snacks such as udon, salad, fried chicken, and pasta.

We ordered black beer smoothies and French fries. Black beer is also known as rye beer, and it’s very different from ordinary beer. The rye actually gives the beer a unique flavor, and the beer just gets better when served with a smoothie on top. Although the French fries were not as special as the beer, they made a great match.

What also makes Kirin Ichiban Garden so unforgettable is the service. The waiters and waitresses introduced the menu to us carefully and always with a big smile. The atmosphere at Kirin Ichiban Garden is definitely relaxing. If you are a beer fan or are just looking for a relaxing place to chat with friends, we recommend Kirin Ichiban Garden to you! We’re really looking forward to seeing you there!


Location: 65 Yucai North Road, North District, Taichung
Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 16:00 - 23:00
Saturday to Sunday & holidays 12:00 - 23:00
Price: NT$80 - 500

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