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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie review – The Notebook

Camillia Fang & Tanya Chung

In Hollywood, there are many popular types of movies such as comedy, science fiction, action, animation, and romance. Among all of these, romance is the most popular. Recently, we saw a romance movie, The Notebook. This movie is about an old man who reads a romance story from his notebook to an old woman, hoping to evoke her love.
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The Notebook began when Allie, a rich man’s daughter, went on summer vacation with her family. On one lively carnival night, she met Noah, a low-paid carpenter. Although they were from totally different backgrounds, they were still deeply attracted to each other. However, Allie's parents opposed this crazy love affair. Therefore, the lovers were forced to separate. Noah tried to write to Allie. Unfortunately, his letters were all intercepted by Allie's mother. Because Allie didn’t know he had written, she didn’t write him any letters. In the meantime, World War II broke out, and Noah joined the army. Allie waited for Noah for seven years, but she still didn’t hear from him. At the same time, a young and promising man, Lon, fell in love with Allie. One day, Allie saw Noah’s picture in the newspaper. She knew he was alive. She had to choose between Noah and Lon. Finally, Allie accepted Lon’s proposal.

In this special movie, the director uses a very special shooting method. The movie uses time and space to relate the whole story. The director wants to emphasize the changing mental state of the elder Noah and Allie. Closer to the end of the movie, expectation grows in the audiences’ minds. Will they get together or not?

Next, this story is set in the 1940s. The costumes, scenery and stage props really reflect the age. Even the basic story setting also reflects the social environment in South America at that time. Finally, the music to the movie was something really special. Our favorite part is the scene when they are boating on the river. At the beginning, a clarinet slowly and elegantly elaborates the whole atmosphere, and then the orchestra comes in, and the melody describes the touching reunion after a long separation. Now, every time we enjoy this melody with our eyes-closed, we can strongly feel the touching love between Noah and Allie.

In this movie, although the touching love between two teenagers was very beautiful, the thing that made the most lasting impression on us was seeing an elderly couple together until the end of their lives. Unlike in common romance movies, the director of The Notebook uses a unique way to describe this love story. The audience easily becomes immersed in the story. The Notebook is a classic romance movie; we recommend that you watch it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can borrow the DVD from the FCU Library, or you can rent it from a local DVD rental store. We are sure you will enjoy it!

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