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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Offer Oh Wraps – A Restaurant Review

Jennifer Yu & Joyce Hong

Are you tired of food that you have already eaten over a hundred times? Have you had trouble finding a new place to get together with friends? There is a new restaurant in western Taichung city, named Offer Oh, and they sell wraps - those meat and vegetable dishes served with a kind of thin pancake that you can wrap everything in. At Offer Oh, you will find many different kinds of wraps, and the restaurant is just as cute as its name sounds.
Photo by the author

When we got to Offer Oh, it was only 6 pm, which was a little early for dinner, so there were only 2 or 3 other guests in the restaurant. Our first impression was that Offer Oh is very quiet, maybe because it’s in a narrow alley. Although it’s not on a main street, it is pretty big inside, so you don’t have to worry that you will not have anywhere to put your book bag or purse. The lighting in Offer Oh is very warm and is the key feature of the whole atmosphere. The music that they play is not pop music but bossa nova, which adds to the mellow atmosphere. At Offer Oh there are three kinds of chairs you can choose from: sofas, regular chairs, and stone chairs.

As soon as we sat down, a smiling waiter gave us our menus. If you are not very hungry, you can just order a main dish, but the specialties at Offer Oh are their set meals. These meals include appetizer, salad, main dish (spring roll, hamburger, rice, risotto, wosa-noodles, steak, or fish), dessert (brulee, ice cream, waffle), and a cold drink (tea, Olay, smoothie, coffee, latte, beer, cocktail), or hot drink (tea, coffee). If you are a vegetarian, you won’t have a problem since the Offer Oh menu includes many vegetarian dishes.

At the waitress’s recommendation, I (Jennifer) ordered the Offer Oh “Offer Wrap” set meal, which came with corn soup. You can eat Offer Oh wraps directly from the bowl, or you can put the ingredients on the wrap and roll it up. After the first bite of pork, I realized why so many people love it. Instead of being tough and dry, the pork was well cooked but tender, and all of the ingredients worked together perfectly. It was a really nice dish. My salad contained lettuce, tomato, olive and houseleek (石蓮). At Offer Oh, they use Thousand Island dressing, which was not too heavy, allowing the flavor of the vegetables to come through. The salad was followed by a cold appetizer, which was like sushi. The rice was from North Africa, and it made the dish really special. The last part was the dessert and drink. I chose classic creme brulee, which is one of my favorite desserts. It was sweet and yummy. My drink was white water milk tea; the milk part tasted heavier than the milk teas I have had before, and I liked it.

I (Joyce) chose Roasted Rice with Mutton as my main dish.  Needless to say, I upgraded it into a set meal as well. I also had a salad and cold appetizer like Jennifer had; however, I did do something a bit different – I ordered the hot appetizer, which contained deep fried okra, shrimp, and eggplant. It tasted good, and the deep fried food was not too greasy. Furthermore, the shrimp tasted delicious. Because it was served whole, with the shell, I could enjoy the fresh shrimp paste.

 After finishing the appetizer, I was surprised by the following roasted rice. The roasted rice was wrapped in paper. When I unwrapped it, its scent filled my nose; the many ingredients in it (green pepper, carrots, baby corn, broccoli) made it smell fragrant, and it tasted as good as it smelled! My meal hadn’t come to the end. The dessert and the drinks followed after the roasted rice. My dessert was “The clown” ice cream. This is a special ice cream that contains coffee and wine. It tasted sweet and a little bitter from the wine; it really gave me a whole different experience. My last dish was my drink, a matcha latte, which had a beautiful feather-shaped garland on top. It was nice, but the matcha powder didn’t dissolve completely, so it was a bit disappointing.

We just loved this place from the moment we stepped inside. The atmosphere is good, and the food is good, too. Both young people and older people will enjoy it. The wait staff was very polite and always smiled. Although we asked lots of questions about the dishes, the waitress explained every detail patiently for us. The dishes themselves were each prepared attentively; we could feel the chef’s diligence. Nearly all the dishes are extraordinary, but they are not so cheap. Therefore, we suggest that you come with friends or family, order different meals and share with each other. All of this makes Offer Oh a great place not only for dating but also for dining together with colleagues, classmates, or family. Just be sure to make a reservation since Offer Oh is popular with foodies!

One final note. You might want to ride your scooter or take the bus since there is no parking lot. 

Offer Oh
Address: 91 Chung Cheng Street, Hsitun District, Taichung
Tel: (04) 2326-6984
Open: Daily 11:00 am-2:30 pm; 5:00 pm-10:00 pm
Price: NT$200-680

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