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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Restaurant Review – Da Tie Tofu Pudding

Kelly Lin & Charphy Hsieh

In the Feng Chia University area, you can buy many special snacks. Most of these snacks are fried and hot, or spicy. However, if you want to eat something sweet, you will be able to find a few snacks, too, and Da Tie Tofu Pudding is your best choice.
All photos by the authors
 When we arrived in Da Tie Tofu Pudding, we found the space was a little small – only twenty seats. Although they offer indoor and outdoor seating, there isn’t enough space for too many customers. However, Da Tie has a cheerful relaxing atmosphere. You can chat with your friends and enjoy your tea time here, but it’s a little bit noisy.

 Da Tie offers three kinds of sweet snacks, tofu pudding, grass jelly, and toast. The tofu pudding comes in three flavors - original, milk, and tea, but the grass jelly comes only in “original flavor.The toast at Da Tie comes in five flavors - peanut moji (made from sticky rice; soft and sweet), taro moji, garlic cheese, tuna cheese, and ham cheese. The prices range from  NT$30 to NT$65 per dish.

We ordered the original tofu pudding and the grass jelly. The tofu pudding is served in iced soy bean milk, and the ingredients include taro balls, taro paste, and tapioca pearls. The grass jelly includes grass tea and shaved ice made from grass jelly; the ingredients include mung bean, barley, and tapioca pearls. Both the Da Tie tofu pudding and grass jelly were delicious – tender, dense, and fresh – and the texture of the tapioca pearls was chewy and springy like a rubber band. There were just three people working when we visited, so they were too busy to clean the tables and forgot to smile at the customers. However, they served our meals fast, so we did not have to wait too long.

Da Tie Tofu Pudding is a good place for students with a sweet tooth. The snacks are delicious, and the prices are moderate. Although the service is not the best, we still recommend Die Tie Tofu Pudding because of the great snacks. If you have a sweet tooth, you should not miss it!

Da Tie Tofu Pudding

Address: 320 Henan Road, Section 2, Taichung (Next to Top Stand Bakery)
Hours: Daily 11:00 A.M. – 11:00 P.M.
Price: NT$30 – NT$65
Tel: 04-2707 5559

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