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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Restaurant Review – Sufood Vegetarian Restaurant

 Patrick Chen & Andrea Chiu
In Taiwan, more and more people like to eat out. We like to eat out because it is very convenient, and we don’t have to waste any time cooking. A few days ago, our friend gave us two coupons for a vegetarian restaurant – Sufood. We probably would never have tried this restaurant because we are not vegetarians, but because it was free, we gave it a try. And we are glad we did!

When we first went into the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by their atmosphere. There was soothing lighting and relaxing music. The waiters gave us a big smile, which also made us feel good. When we got to our table, we saw the seating was very clean and tidy, and there was a beautiful menu on the table.

Sufood offers mostly vegetarian set meals, which include appetizer, bread, salad, soup, entre, desert, and beverage. We ordered one Vegetable Pita Pocket and one Homemade Vegetarian Calzone. 

Our appetizer was a dish of brightly colored fresh vegetables. We were also served some crisp Rosemary Breadsticks. They were delicious! After our appetizer, our Mushroom Salads and Onion Soup arrived. We will never forget their fantastic flavor!

Before our main dishes arrived, we were already a little full; however, when we saw the Pita Pocket and Vegetable Calzone, we felt hungry again. The dishes looked beautiful, and the aroma made our mouths water. Very quickly, our dishes were empty! They were so delicious that we couldn’t believe they were made of only mushrooms and vegetables and no meat!

The Osmanthus Flower Jelly looked like a crystal because it was golden and transparent. It tasted tender and chewy, and it was very light and plain. Of course, it had osmanthus flavor. Our other dessert, Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate, looked like a snow house. When we poured the chocolate onto the ice cream, it froze immediately. It became crispy outside and tender inside, and together the ice cream and chocolate tasted a little sweet and had a smooth texture. The only thing that disappointed us about our meals was our drinks. We had the osmanthus tea, but it had very little flavor.

This was our first dinner here. The atmosphere and service were both impressive. Of course, the most special thing was their dishes, which were all made from vegetarian ingredients. They were delicious and nutritious. Many people think that vegetarian food can’t satisfy their appetites, but at Sufood Vegetarian Restaurant you can taste Italian Food and vegetarian food at the same time, and you will gradually fall in love with vegetarian food.

At Sufood Vegetarian Restaurant, the food is nutritious, delicious and fantastic, and it’s a great place to get together with friends or to celebrate that special day. Why not give it a try?

Sufood Vegetarian Restaurant

Address:  No. 1 Taichung Port Road, 2F
Hours:      Daily 11:30~22:00
Phone:      (04) 2206 1106

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