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Saturday, October 25, 2014

“The Intouchables” – A Movie Review

You Wayne Cheah

I recently borrowed a movie from the FCU library, The Intouchables. The Intouchables is a French comedy-drama starring François Cluzet and Omar Sy. This movie takes place in Paris, France, and is based on a true story of a handicapped millionaire and his caretaker and how their relationship grows and changes.
Poster courtesy the official Intouchables facebook page: 
Philippe is a rich quadriplegic (Cluzet) who owns a luxurious mansion in Paris. Philippe is also an aristocrat and an intellectual. We can see this is true when Phillip is willing to spend millions on a piece of art work without any hesitation. He appreciates art a lot. The other main character in The Intouchables., Driss (Sy), is a black Muslim from the poor suburbs. Driss is a caretaker for Philippe. He is not an ambitious guy and spent six months in prison before getting the job with Philippe. The way he mocks and makes fun of Philippe makes him a humorous character in the movie.

The story is told as a flashback: Philippe is hiring a caretaker to take care of his daily life, and Philippe’s secretary, Magalie is interviewing suitable candidates for this position. During the interview session, Driss cuts into line and shows no interest in getting hired. His purpose in coming to the interview is to get a signed letter to prove that he went to an interview and failed to get hired. If he can get the letter, he can receive welfare benefits. The next day, Driss returns to collect his signed letter and finds out that Philippe is offering him a trial period for the job. He accepts the challenge and moves into Philippe’s mansion. After Driss starts working for Philippe, their relationship changes a lot.

Francois Cluzet as Philippe is excellent. He has to portray a person physically disabled after a paragliding accident. He is basically paralyzed and only can act using his facial expressions.  His facial expressions speak a lot for him; I think he did an amazing job.

The big lesson that I have learned from the movie was that true and genuine friendship still exists in the world. The relationship between these two opposite people is based purely on trust between friends. This is clearly shown in how Philippe does not care about Driss’s past criminal record and offers Driss a job. Driss’s funny and charismatic behavior helps make Philippe’s life enjoyable again. He does well caring for Philippe despite his lack of professional experience and reluctance to accept the job at first. We can see how the men affect one another as they develop a truly honest relationship.

The Intouchables. is a true story of the relationship between two men – it’s about friendship, trust and love. It is a very touching and interesting French movie. I usually do not get emotional when I watch movies because I know they are fiction. However, when I first started watching this movie, my heart melted, and tears kept rolling down my cheeks when the movie came to an end.  I love the way the two main characters are brought together and the good chemistry that happens between them. The Intouchables is really a great movie to watch after a hectic week of homework and classes. 

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