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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Léon (The Professional)" - A Movie Review

Jennifer Yu & Joyce Hung

      We recently were looking for something to watch on the Internet and discovered Léon. This film seemed old when we first started watching it. However, just as we were going to turn it off, we saw a beautiful girl and a famous actor. Intuition told us we should continue watching it. We are really glad that we did. The movie is about a girl whose family is killed by an evil policeman because her father gets involved in drug dealing. She turns to her neighbor for protection and they cultivate a special friendship.
Image courtesy of Gaumont Films

When the little girl, Mathilda, meets her neighbor, Léon, she thinks that he looks like a bad guy, but actually he is a very good person. He is lonely, and a potted plant is his only friend. She also discovers that he has an unusual job – he is a “hitman,” a professional killer. However, Léon has professional principles: he does not kill women or children. He takes good care of Mathilda. After a while, Mathilda asks Léon to teach her how to be a hitman, too, so that she can take revenge on the people who killed her family.

Besides Léon and Mathilda, there are other interesting characters in the movie. Léon’s boss, Tony, takes good care of Léon, but Tony is a bad guy. He doesn’t pay Léon all of the salary he owes him. He keeps lying to Léon, even though Léon still trust him. Even worse, Tony cooperates with the evil policeman, Stan, to kill people who have drug problems.

Léon is a special movie. The movie shows different kinds of people from different views. We know that killing people is wrong, but Léon is actually a good person; a little girl should study hard, but Mathilda wants to be a killer. Policemen should uphold justice and protect people, but Stan sells drugs and works with Tony to kill people. Most people grow up in a normal family, and it is hard to imagine that these special characters and their lifestyles in this movie might be real. This extraordinary story made us think that maybe, somewhere in the world, children are suffering from the same problems as the character in the movie and leading a hard life.

The director of this film, Luc Besson, has made many popular movies. His latest movie is Lucy; you might have heard of it. Besson has a good reputation all over the world, mostly for his movies made in French. Later, he began making movies in English.  Léon is one of his masterpieces. Jean Reno, who plays Léon, is from Italy. He is a good actor who has cooperated with Luc Besson several times. You may have seen him in films by other directors; he was in “The Da Vinci Code.” Natalie Portman, who plays Mathilda, was only 13 when Léon was made; it was her first role. Her performance was beyond her age, and made Léon a worldwide hit. Since then, she has made many films and won many awards.

Léon is not just an action movie, even though there is a lot of action. The movie is just as much a “romance” movie about a special relationship between Léon and Mathilda. This is also one of the reasons why we recommend this movie to you. If you are looking for a movie that can make you feel excited, or if you want to see life from a little different angle, Léon is definitely a good choice!

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