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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PIG HOUSE - A Restaurant Review

Sophia Chien & Hannah Tang

There are lots of restaurants in the Feng Chia area, but it’s hard to find a good one that is inexpensive and that can fill you up. As Feng Chia University students, what we want is inexpensive food and a lot of it! We would like to share PIG HOUSE with you.

All photos by the authors

PIG HOUSE is in the alley across from Global Village on Fu Xin road. Different from other restaurants, PIG HOUSE is not near the night market, so some people can’t find it easily. You can telephone the restaurant in advance, and the waiter will tell you how to get there. By the way, you can park your motorcycles outside the restaurant. As soon as we entered the restaurant, we found that it is quite big inside.  There are about 30 seats on the first floor and about 40 seats on the second floor. The lighting is a soft yellow, so you will be relaxed and feel comfortable. There is a painting of the Three Little Pigs story on the wall, and the shelves on the walls are filled with lots of stuffed pigs, which attracts people passing by because they can be seen through the front windows.

After we arrived, we didn’t have a long wait, and when it was our turn, the waiter took us to our seats and gave us two glasses of water and menus. PIG HOUSE sells pasta, steamed rice, and casserole dishes. You can choose chicken, seafood, beef or vegetable flavors. Additionally, there are some sauces that you can choose, such as tomato sauce, cream sauce, and pesto sauce. PIG HOUSE also offers some snacks such as fried chicken, French fries, and cakes. You can order some drinks, too, such as juice, tea, and coffee. You can choose how sweet you want your drink and whether it is iced or hot.

We ordered chicken spaghetti with tomato sauce and smoked chicken spaghetti with cream sauce. Before our meals came, the waiter gave us a basket of garlic bread, two bowls of soup, and the two glasses of milk tea that we ordered. The bread was crispy outside but soft inside. The soup was cream of pumpkin with corn, and there was lots of corn in it. Our spaghetti dishes looked very colorful and delicious with broccoli and some green, red, and yellow peppers. The chicken tasted really juicy, and the noodles were not too soft. Our only complaint was that they didn’t give us enough cream sauce. Finally, our milk tea tasted smooth and not too sweet. The waitress was very friendly and always had a smile – and her service was always quick. We enjoyed our PIG HOUSE meal very much!

PIG HOUSE is a good place for students who don’t want to spend a lot of money. PIG HOUSE meals are not only delicious but will also fill you up. PIG HOUSE is a good choice if you are having dinner near Feng Chia.

Pig House
Address: No.9, Lane 172, Xi’an Street, Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: 11:30~15:00;  17:00~22:30
Price: NT$135-NT$285

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