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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Baker – A Restaurant Review

Hubert Hsu & Irene Kuo

In the Feng Chia night market, there are not only many stands selling snacks, but also many stores where you can enjoy food in a comfortable environment. The Baker offers many kinds of food, including western meals and rice dishes. We were especially attracted by its décor and its menu.
All photos by the authors
 Two weeks ago, we went to The Baker at brunch time. It was easy to park our scooter at that time. Outside the store, there is a chalk-board listing the day’s special meal. The exterior of the restaurant looked warm because there were many plants and two small ponds in front of the door way. We could see the interior clearly through the floor to ceiling windows. We needed to across the pond to enter. Once we were inside the restaurant, we could see that there were about 30 seats and the interior was bright because of the large windows and because of the many chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Most of the decorations in the restaurant were made of wood, and you can enjoy your meal while sitting on a sofa, just like you do at home.

The Baker’s menu can be divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverage, and dessert sections. For breakfast, they offer French toast, omelets, bagels, English muffins, and pancakes. For lunch and dinner, they sell western meals and rice dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and rice dishes. For dessert, they have only ice cream. For beverages, there are many kinds of drinks. It was hard for us to choose since there are too many kinds of delicious food!

After we looked around the menu, we decided to have a mushroom & beef burger and a Denver omelet. Baker’s Mushroom & beef burger is made of beef, mushrooms, and soft bread. To my surprise, the beef was very juicy and tasted really good. In addition, there were two slices of tomatoes and onions alongside the burger. You can add them if you want. This is very thoughtful because some people don’t like tomatoes and onions. This burger also came with some French fries, which were crispy and not too greasy. My burger cost NT$230, and I think it was a really good deal.

The Denver omelet is made of eggs, hams, cheeses, mushrooms, and green peppers. The egg tasted soft and a little salty. I really liked its soft texture. The omelet tasted mostly like green peppers, though, because they put too much green peppers inside. People who don't like green pepper should not order this. My omelet came with two slices of bread. One had an orange flavor, and the other was longan. The whole meal was quite enough to fill me up, and cost NT$190.

The service at The Baker was polite but very slowly. However, we felt good because we had enough time to chat and enjoy the atmosphere. The Baker is a fantastic restaurant with delicious food, and a very nice place for dining. We suggest that you enjoy this restaurant when you are in the Feng Chia area.

The Baker

Address: No. 7, Alley 28, Lane 20, Fen Chia Road, Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: 09:30 – 22:00
Telephone: (04) 245-5759

Price: Meals: NT$100-490; Drinks: NT$ 50 – 150

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