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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"The Sound of Music" - A Movie Review

Camellia & Tanya

We know that most of you have seen action movies, and some of you have watched dramas, but I suspect that few of you have seen a musical.  In fact, there are many well-known musical movies that were adapted from Broadway musicals, including Les Miserable, The Phantom of the Opera, and Mamma Mia. Recently, we saw another musical, The Sound of Music, and we want to recommend it to you. The movie tells the story of an intern nun, Maria, who is sent to serve as a nanny to the Trapp family. She wins the hearts of the children and falls in love with their father, Captain Trapp. In the end, the Trapp family and Maria escape from the clutches of the Nazis.

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Maria was an intern nun in the monastery at the Alps. She never followed the rules but went out secretly to sing and play. Several sisters got fed up with Maria and decided to talk with the abbess. The abbess decided to send Maria to serve as a nanny to the Trapp family. Captain Trapp applied strictly militaristic approach to raising his seven children, but Maria absolutely disapproved. Maria treated the children sincerely and taught them to sing. Thus, she won the children’s affection. However, the Captain was angry with her because he was afraid that the children had become undisciplined. Gradually, he was touched by the children. After a party, Captain and Maria found they had fallen in love. They got married, and they lived in a happy life together. Unfortunately, the Nazis came into their country and opposed the family because Captain Trapp was in the Austrian army. With the help of the sisters in the abbey, Maria and the Trapp family successfully escaped from the clutches of the Nazis.

The Sound of Music is based on the true story of Maria von Trapp. In the 1930s, Captain Trapp lost most of his property due to the Great Depression, so the family formed a choir and went on tour. At that time, the captain was offered a commission in the German navy. However, von Trapp opposed the Nazis, and the family had narrowly escaped from their terrifying power. After they left Austria, the family’s story moved many people. Therefore, people decided to write the story into a musical. The filmmaking team remade the story into the popular movie.

Many songs in this movie such as “Do-Re-Me,” “My Favorite Thing,” “The Lonely Goatherd,” and “Edelweiss” were covered in many different languages and spread over the world. In the story, Maria used “Do-Re-Me” to teach the musical scale to the Trapp children when they were first learning to sing. Finally, the name of this movie, The Sound of Music, also has a deep meaning. Music can make people feel peaceful, and even bring one to a state of truthfulness and kindness. Although 40 years have passed, these songs are still widely known. This shows how music is not limited by national boundaries, age, ethnicity, or time. That is the reason why The Sound of Music has become a classic.

We liked this movie not only for the meaningful story but also for the wonderful music. In the movie, Maria had a sincere heart, and her great musical talent won the children’s affection and respect. Even the serious Captain was touched by her personality. The story tells us that sincerity and love can stir up one’s humanity of truthfulness and kindness. The Sound of Music is really a movie worth watching. You can rent the DVD from a DVD rental store. We are sure you will enjoy it. 

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