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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Toward the Future - FCU Moving Forward

Donna Liu & Howie Chen

Feng Chia University keeps improving all the time, and cares a lot about students’ lives. In order to be a faultless university, the school has devised the FCUPLUS plan. The main idea of this plan is to cultivate students who are highly qualified professionally and are also good citizens. The FCUPLUS plan is not too hard to understand.

   The “F” means “fusing learning and career.’’ This means that the school will help students improve their skills so that they will get good jobs after graduate. They propose new ideas such as digital-opening program. The “C” means “connecting research and industry.” Feng Chia University cooperates with companies to help them with their research and development and to strengthen student abilities.

The “U” means “upgrading global mobility and recruitment.” Senior high school students compare which university is best before entering a college. In order to attract good students, Feng Chia promotes the quality of entrance level no matter whether it’s for students from other countries or from Taiwan. Furthermore, they encourage students to study abroad and to find internship opportunities.

The “P” means “promoting administrative efficiency and innovation.” The school hires qualified teachers every year and invites well-known scholars to teach classes and give lectures. Departments also design a variety of classes. “L” means “lasting financial resources.” To increase revenue and achieve maximum efficiency, the school makes good use of its assets, space, and resources.

The “U” in “PLUS” means “upholding eco-campus and green education.” Feng Chia University is constructing a “green university” in developing new campuses, reducing total power consumption, and expanding parking resources. To promote environmentally sustainable development, FCU hopes to become a model university. The “S” means “securing learning quality and international accreditation.” In recent years, FCU has pursued international education recognition such as AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation.

As seniors at Feng Chia University, we have seen the advances our school has made in recent years. We hope the FCUPLUS plan will be successful and that we will be able to watch Feng Chia get even better. 

Look at FCU - See the Future

Xavier Lu & Ian Liao

There are many colleges in Taiwan; some of them cooperate with local governments on developing projects. In central Taiwan, Feng Chia University (FCU) is one of these colleges. FCU will have a big change in a couple of years because of its cooperation with the Taichung city government on the new “Gateway” project.

Taichung City government has a new plan for the old Taichung airport adjacent to the FCU campus; it’s called Taichung Gateway District. This new district will change FCU in many ways. First, there will be some new construction at FCU. For example, a new building called the “Eco-green Building” will be built on a piece of land the school has purchased in the district. Moreover, a new Technology Research Building will replace the old Recreation Building, a new Student Activity Center will be built, a pond will be formed behind the Engineering College, and the school’s Main Gate will be moved to the other side of campus, where it will lead directly to the new Eco-Green building. That’s a lot of change!

The Gateway project will bring other changes, as well. Because the new district is located in next to FCU, there will hopefully be more opportunities for FCU-enterprise cooperative projects with the businesses drawn to the new district. Furthermore, these companies will choose outstanding FCU students as their employees. Therefore, senior high school students aiming for jobs in Taichung Gateway will choose FCU for their professional education. Because these students come from different districts, cities, and even different countries, they will bring their ideas, opinions, and cultures to FCU, making it an even better place to study.

In the future, FCU will develop with the Gateway. Although we seniors may have no chance to use these new facilities because we are going to graduate soon, we are still proud of our alma mater and of the school it will become. 

The Changing Look of FCU

Judy Lin & Emily Chan

In Taiwan, many universities have large campus. However, our school, Feng Chia University, is small. That doesn’t mean it’s boring, though. You can see there are many special sites on this beautiful campus such as Xue-si Pond between the gym and Xue-si Building, and the big green lawn next to the student activity center. What you may not know is that at each of these places, there used to be buildings!  With such a small campus, why did the school leave so many large areas open? Each has its own story.
All photos by the authors
Xue-si Pond is a beautiful place where students, teachers, and people from surrounding neighborhoods can take a break and enjoy some quiet time. There is a pavilion in the center of the lake, with a Chinese couplet on it - "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous." This calligraphy for this couplet was done by Gao Xin, a professor at Feng Chia University, to encourage students in their studies.

Actually, Xue-si Pond was not a pond in the past; it was called Xue-si garden. This garden contained only a small stream until the area was reconstructed by the school. However, there really was a pond on campus many years ago – a lotus pond. This was Yu Garden, which is now the site of the FCU Sports Center!

There is another mysterious place on our campus, the Li-de student center. This is really a Catholic Church that was built in the 1970s by the Catholic Jesuits to commemorate the missionary Xavier Francis. One might wonder why there is a church in our university. Actually, this church was built on land that is privately owned by the Catholic Church and was established to offer religious services for students. Ms. Kang, a teacher at the church, told us that in the beginning, the church was actually outside the school. At that time, Feng Chia University was just a small college. When it started to grow, the school gradually bought all the land around the church. That’s why the church is now inside our campus. Ms. Kang said if they sold the church to the school at that time, maybe the church would have become a lawn! To give students a place for peace and reflection, the church decided to keep the land. The door is always open for everyone,she said with a friendly smile.

While the church did not become a lawn, there is a big lawn just across the street.  This was formerly the site of the women’s dormitory. Many years ago, the school removed all dormitories from campus. After tearing down the dorm, the school did not reuse this space but left it to be a large lawn. We think this was a really good decision. These lawns make our school look better and less crowded.

Around the FCU campus, there are probably many more interesting places with interesting stories. When you are walking around school and are curious about who, what, why, or when things became the way they are now, take a few minutes to ask someone.  You never know what secrets you might find! 

FCU Study Abroad - Korea!

Sophia Chien & Hannah Tang

Many students want to travel around the world and meet different kinds of people and make lots of friends. More and more students at Feng Chia University (FCU) participate in exchange programs to different countries. There are lots of ways to become an exchange student. Last year, FCU’s honors program provided the first international summer school to Hanyang University in South Korea. Thirteen classmates and I participated in the program. I learned a lot and had a great time.

All photos by the authors

When we arrived in Korea, we found that the summer weather in Korea is really different from Taiwan. It was much cooler, more like fall in Taiwan. After we arrived at the airport, we took the subway to Hanyang University. When we arrived at school, we took our luggage to our dorm. The dorm was not roomy, but it had enough space for two people. The dorm had fantastic facilities in which we could cook, do laundry, and take a shower for free. We could even turn on the air conditioner for free anytime! Additionally, there were many stores and supermarkets nearby, so we didn’t have to worry that we would lack something.

Hanyang University is very different from Feng Chia University. Hanyang University’s Seoul campus has more than 60 buildings, including those of Hanyang Women’s University and Hanyang Cyber University. The campus is so big that we had to climb up and down the hillside to our classroom every day. We couldn’t ride bicycles on campus it’s too steep. It was really challenging to my strength!

As a student in FCU’s program, I could choose 9 credits at most. I took 6 credits (two classes), which were “Advertising and Communication” and “Korean Language.” During my classes, I had a lot of discussions with the other students and did many group presentations. It was a good way to interact with people from different cultures. The Korean students were very friendly in helping us solve any problems we had.

Hanyang University’s student restaurant was very special. In the glass case outside the restaurant, there were some real food samples. In Taiwan, the samples are mostly plastic models. The restaurant’s prices were between 3000 won to 4500 won. I didn’t have to give my order to a waiter or waitress; all I had to do was press the button I wanted on the machine beside the samples. Then I could go inside the restaurant and get my meal. I loved my lunches here!

When we were not in class, the people from Hanyang University took us on some field trips. The most unforgettable activity was the Nanta show. Nanta is the best cooking show that I have ever seen. It is one of Korea’s great theatrical successes. The show is about four chefs that are going to help prepare a wedding feast. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, and audience participation. They cook, dance, and play drums all together at the same time. The performance is almost completely nonverbal, so we didn’t have to worry that we couldn’t speak Korean. During the performance, some foreigners are chosen to play games with the performers on stage. At the end of the show, they don’t forget to introduce South Korea to the world.

During my time as a student at Hanyang University, I achieved my goals in enhancing my English abilities, cultivated my global vision, and broadened my perspectives towards different cultures. Although one month was really too short, this adventure has become one of my best summer vacation memories. If you want to have a unique study abroad experience, you can go to the Feng Chia University International Affairs Office for information.  There, you will find many programs that you can join. Now all you need to do is decide which one you like best!

Moon? Cheese? Moon Cheese - Now at FCU!

Bob Yang & Eric Huang

If you feel hungry in the middle of class and you don’t have enough time to buy something between classes, you have a new option. Moon Cheese bakery recently arrived on the Feng Chia University campus. Unlike other cafeterias in the campus area, Moon cheese provides cheap, delicious, and convenient fresh breads.
All photos by the authors

Before moving to their new location, Moon Cheese was located in the basement of the 忠勤 building. However, now they have moved up to the old vending machine space, a six-by-three-meter area between the college of engineering building and the 忠勤 building, where more people pass by on their way to class.

Moon Cheese offers many choices for the students and teachers, including donuts, croissants, garlic bread, milk bars, and sweet potato croissants. We have tried all of their breads and coffee, and the one that really impressed us was the garlic bread, also known as “Moon Cheese Garlic.” It’s like a rectangle baguette covered with garlic jam. It smells very tasty, especially when it has just come out of the oven, and costs only NT$30 each. During their reopening, you can also get a free cup of coffee and a beverage coupon once you spend NT$100 on their breads.

No matter if you want to have breakfast or if you just have a craving for some snacks in the afternoon, Moon Cheese is your best choice – fast, cheap, and delicious. After trying their breads once, we are sure you will look forward to your second visit! 

FCU's e-Campus

Patrick Chen & Andrea Chiu

There is a proverb that says, “A sparrow may be small, but its body has every organ that it needs.” This is also a very good description of my college, Feng Chia University. Feng Chia University is not as large as other colleges like Tunghai University or National Cheng Kung University, but it’s very comprehensive and has an excellent school spirit.

The best thing about Feng Chia University (FCU) is that it is an “e-Campus.” There are lots of electronic systems all over campus, including ID card, Personal Information Station, and Internet classroom.

The student ID card is the most convenient tool you can have at Feng Chia University. Our student ID card is also an easy card. You can use your ID card to do things at school and also to get on the public bus. Recently, U-bikes have come to Taichung (there is a bike station just outside the FCU campus), and you can use your FCU ID card/easy card to rent a bike. All you need is your FCU Student ID card to have a great time around Taichung.

The Feng Chia University Personal Information Station, which is also called “Feng Chia APPS,” can be used to register for classes, check our personal attendance record, apply for a leave of absence, and even to apply for school loans.  

Another important part of FCU’s e-Campus is our Internet classrooms. All information for every class offered at FCU is available on the school’s “iLearn” course management system. If you want information about your class, your homework, or your exams, you can log in and find what you need. Students can also use the iLearn system to communicate with their classmates and teachers can communicate with their students. If students have a problem or a question, they can send an e-mail to their teacher immediately through iLearn, so they can learn more efficiently.

In summary, Feng Chia University’s e-Campus is a huge innovation in the history of the school. Students all enjoy it and are glad to have a high tech campus. If you would like to experience a high tech university education, maybe you should consider Feng Chia University!

The Spirit of FCU

Hubert Hsu & Irene Kuo

Every school has its own culture. There are four words that represent the spirit of Feng Chia University: dedication (), diligence(), sincerity() and action(). When students come to Feng Chia University (FCU), they learn that there are three school activities that show these aspects of FCU culture.

All photos courtesy Feng Chia University
There are three traditional activities in FCU. The annual Tug-of-War contest began in 1970. It was held at the Feng Chia basketball ground every November. In the beginning, it was just a fun activity to promote students diligence. Afterwards, for the honor of being the champion, students in every department started training their skills, and upperclassmen passed their skills – and FCU culture – down to the freshmen. This contest is still an annual tradition. 

At FCU, another meaningful activity is blood donation. Every semester, students will see blood donation vehicles parked beside the student activities building, and both students and teachers participate by donating blood. This charitable activity began in 1976 when FCU students began going to Taichung hospital to donate blood. They did this because they wanted to help people in need. The school didn’t know about this activity until the students’ generosity was publicly recognized by the hospital. 

In order to continue this spirit, the school decided to hold blood donations on campus every year so that more and more people could participate and so that hospitals wouldn’t run out of blood. From then on, blood donations increased every year, and now blood donation is a FCU tradition that teaches us to make haste in doing good and reminds us to be sincere and active.

The other interesting campus activity is the yearly ''campus run.'' Feng Chia University has held its campus run every December for 14 years. The activity attracts students, teachers, administrators, even people from the surrounding neighborhoods. The campus run promotes health and strengthens relationships between people in the FCU family and between the school and the community. Every year there is a special theme. This year's theme was ''reject cigarettes, prevent AIDS, and love exercise.” The race route starts at the FCU main gate, circles the old Taichung airport next door, and returns along the same route back to the main gate. The run is 5 km long, and it’s not that easy to finish! The school hosts this running event to teach students two things – that actions speak louder than words and that diligence is necessary for success.

The Feng Chia University Tug-of-War, blood donation drive, and campus run are all good opportunities to learn things that we can’t learn in a classroom – that the Feng Chia spirit of dedication, diligence, sincerity, and action will make us strong and prepare us for success. We hope you will join us next year!

FCU Christian Student Fellowship

Kelly & Charphy

The Feng Chia University Student Christian Fellowship (SCF) is an association for all FCU students although most of the students who join are Christians. The Feng Chia University Student Christian Fellowship has been steadily growing since 1962, so we think that SCF is indispensable to students at Feng Chia University (FCU). The mission of SCF is to make converts who can not only get together and encourage each other but also influence campus life. Moreover, the goal of SCF is to make everyone feel welcome, loved, and at ease in order to show students the love of Christ.
Photos by the authors

The Student Christian Fellowship is a religious club, but there are several activities for non-Christians, such as welcome party, studying group, and movies. In addition, we have lunch together and share our life experiences at the club office every Tuesday and Wednesday. By having lunch together, we can learn more about each other and become good friends. If you want to know more about Christianity, you can join the prayer meeting and Bible study activities. Through these two activities, you can learn how to pray and to study the Bible, so please feel free to join us!

Recently, SCF held a worship concert at the Feng Chia dormitory public square. At the concert, three SCF members shared their life stories and also sang songs. We thought that by holding this worship concert, we could not only share the love and the truth of Jesus Christ but also could introduce SCF to freshmen. Indeed, there were several freshmen who wanted to join SCF that night. They said that the life stories and songs were very touching and that it made them want to know more about Christianity.

In the beginning, we joined SCF but we didn’t know each other. After seeing each other almost every week at SCF activities and spending lots of time together, we have come to know each other better and better, and we and the other SCF members have become just like a big family. When we feel depressed or run into trouble, the members of SCF are always willing to stand by us and cheer us up.

Again, if you would like to learn more about SCF, feel free to join in our activities or to drop by our club office!

FCU - A Great Place to Study

Jennifer Yu & Joyce Hung
Taiwan is famous for her night markets, and in Taichung there are many night markets which have a lot of fantastic food. The most well-known night market in Taichung is the Feng Chia Night Market, which is located just outside Feng Chia University.  Unfortunately, most people who come to the night market know almost nothing about the school – and it’s an interesting school!

All photos by the authors

Feng Chia University has built many new structures in recent years. For example, we bought a piece of land outside campus and will expand in the next couple of years. This past year, the school completed a new study center here at school, and it has become the most popular place on campus.

This new study center, located in the department of the Ren-yen building, is a multi-function study center. First, there is a large break area where you can eat while you study. The tables are long and big, so you can get together with your study group or friends. Besides, there are vending machines and computers in the corners, so this is a convenient place to buy something to drink or search for information on the Internet. Next is the center’s main study room. Unlike the traditional study rooms, it combines a study room and a small library. There are comfortable sofas here, and computers you can use to search for information for your report or project. Third, there are many meeting rooms that students can reserve for meetings with their study group. Some meeting rooms have a projector and whiteboard; others have a TV and a whiteboard.  Finally, the study center also includes a few classrooms. The student desks in these rooms are on wheels, so they can be moved easily for different learning activities.

Of course, there are some rules for study center use. Students reserve meeting rooms by filling out an Internet form. Students need to enter their name, class, and student number.  Once they have filled out the form, have to confirm their reservation to ensure that they can use the meeting room. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the meeting rooms. There are many books and magazines in the main study room; students can borrow them with their student ID. The computers in the main study room and break area are available for anyone to use. The only rule for these rooms is that students shouldn’t make too much noise and bother other people who are studying.

This new study center is not only beautiful but also very convenient and comfortable. Our favorite area of the center is the meeting rooms, because it is always so hard to find a place to do our team work. Now we have such a place, and it is well-equipment. Not only that; the study center is open from 8 AM to 10 PM, so you can study here for a whole day. The computers are new and fast, and there are lots of seats. There is only one thing you have to remember; if you want to enter the study center after 6 PM, you will need your FCU ID card.

Many students and teachers have been to this new study center already, and we really like spending time here. If you are looking for a comfortable place to study or a well-equipped meeting room for your next group project get-together, FCU’s new study center just might be the perfect choice. 

City I-Fashion

Camillia & Tanya

A sense of beauty and fashion always exists in our lives. However, as soon as one mentions “fashion show,” people feel uneasy. Most of you have seen fashion shows on TV, but few of you have seen a real one. On June 6, 2013, the department of Marketing held a great fashion show called City I-Fashion in front of the Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall here on the Feng Chia University (FCU) campus. All of the sophomore marketing students were divided into 16 teams and each team represented a different style such as retro, modern, and minimalist styles. The purpose of this fashion show was to experience metropolitan beauty and define the style of Feng Chia University.
All photos by the authors

Before the show, we held some marketing activities. First, we spread red carpets on the path between the FCU library and the Science and Aeronautical Building (SAB) and placed several chairs as audience seats on both sides. Some of the sophomore marketing students sat there as the audience. The audience clapped when people walked through the path to make them feel like they were walking on the catwalk as professional models. We also put a big box, which was covered by a black cloth with question marks on the side, in the middle of Flunk Lawn to catch people's eyes and pique their curiosity.

In addition to holding marketing activities, we trained the models how to walk and pose three weeks before the show. All of the models were student volunteers. Also, each team tried very hard to decorate their displays where they exhibited their project results. On the day of the fashion show, the models were as perfect as professional models. After the models had come onto the stage, they went back to their displays immediately and took pictures with the visitors. All the visitors were highly impressed by their professional performance. “The majors modeled and showcased their very own designs both verbally and nonverbally, said department head Jian-Shi Chao.

In addition to presenting this fashion show, we set up a charity box where people could donate their unified invoices to benefit the North Tainan branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. Every donor received a warm hug as a “thank you” prize. A lot of students were willing donate their invoices to help the disadvantaged. We were all convinced that love could be heartwarming.

This fashion show was named “City I-Fashion” not just because “I” is the first-person pronoun meaning that each individual himself or herself has unlimited potential, but also because the English “I” is pronounced similarly to the Chinese character love. It was why the Marketing majors held the fashion show and a bazaar, raised funds, collected invoices on the scene, and gave the visitors warm hugs. The purpose of the City I-Fashion was not only to present the marketing students’ final projects but also to spread love to society. One other interesting purpose was that the plaza in front of Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall is mistakenly called Flunking Lawn. It is believed that students who walk across the lawn will fail their classes. The marketing majors put all of their amazing and interesting displays on the plaza with the intention of helping Feng Chia University students to overcome their fear of failing.

All sophomores in the marketing department spent at least 3 months preparing for City I-Fashion. Although we all had gone through great pains to organize the show, it was really worth it. The fashion show successfully promoted the reputation of the department of Marketing and aroused the love rooted in human nature. If you missed the fashion show, we recommend that you join our big marketing events next year. We are sure you will be amazed and touched.

An Interesting Class

Wayne Cheah

At Feng Chia University (FCU), every Chemical Engineering student must take 13 credit hours of elective courses. There are many elective courses offered in the Chemical Engineering department such as paint chemistry, polymer science, and nanotechnology. One of the most interesting elective courses, the one I chose this semester, is Fermentation Engineering. We were given a term project in class, to make soy sauce using the traditional method, fermentation. 

In class, we were given a big bag that contained an empty glass bottle with boiled black beans inside, a small pack of Aspergillus fungus, and a big packet of fine salt. The first step in making our soy sauce was to choose the best black beans. We had been taught that choosing good quality beans plays an important role in the fermentation process. Good quality beans have a stable level of protein, which helps the breakdown of proteins in the fermenting process. Good quality beans are what give the sauce its complexity. After choosing the best black beans, we washed and soaked the beans overnight. Then we steamed the black beans in a pressure cooker at a certain temperature. This steaming process is complicated and requires special knowledge. This was the step that we didn't do by ourselves; we were helped by the master students.

All photos by the author

The boiled black beans were put into a glass bottle and left for one to two days to dry (the beans were wet due to water vapor). Two days later, Aspergillus spores were mixed in with the boiled black beans. We had to make sure every black bean was covered with the spores. Later, the spores will grow into a fungus. Aspergillus fungus is a genus of fungus that is used for fermenting. This fungus is also used to propagate Koji mold, one of the most important elements in making soy sauce. Koji plays a crucial role in breaking down the proteins in the black bean mash.” Three weeks later, when the Aspergillus mold had grown on the black bean mash, we washed it with purified drinking water to remove the mold on the surface of the beans. After removing all the mold, we covered the surface of the beans with a huge amount of fine salt and left the culture to brew. We added salt to the culture because it will act as a preservative to preserve the culture. It will also control the propagation of bacteria during the brewing process.

We students were divided into groups for this term project. In my group, I was responsible for observing the culture throughout the semester. We need to present a full report at the end of the semester. I have been keeping the culture in my dorm room and observing the culture on and off. The culture must be left for fermentation for several months. As I have made my observations, I have seen the beans slowly turned to reddish brown mash, but I haven’t seen any liquid yet. The liquid will be our product because it will be the soy sauce that we want at the end of the semester. An eccentric smell spreads over my room every time I open the cap of the glass bottle. I think this means that something is happening – something good, I hope.

I have discovered that Fermentation Engineering is an interesting course. The goal of the course is to describe the process and related techniques used for achieving high product yields by the large cultivation of living cells. In this course, we have been taught that many commercial products nowadays are produced by fermentation such as fermented milk, cheese, and yogurt-based beverages. There are some students from business college in the class, too. This could be a precious chance for them to learn a new way to make money.

Every FCU student has to earn elective course credits in addition to the core courses in their department. Fermentation Engineering is a compelling course because students can get hands-on experience in class. Hands-on experience is critical in skills development and career development. With this experience, we can discover what field we are interested in. Therefore, I highly recommend this course for all Feng Chia University students, no matter what their major is.