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Thursday, January 1, 2015

City I-Fashion

Camillia & Tanya

A sense of beauty and fashion always exists in our lives. However, as soon as one mentions “fashion show,” people feel uneasy. Most of you have seen fashion shows on TV, but few of you have seen a real one. On June 6, 2013, the department of Marketing held a great fashion show called City I-Fashion in front of the Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall here on the Feng Chia University (FCU) campus. All of the sophomore marketing students were divided into 16 teams and each team represented a different style such as retro, modern, and minimalist styles. The purpose of this fashion show was to experience metropolitan beauty and define the style of Feng Chia University.
All photos by the authors

Before the show, we held some marketing activities. First, we spread red carpets on the path between the FCU library and the Science and Aeronautical Building (SAB) and placed several chairs as audience seats on both sides. Some of the sophomore marketing students sat there as the audience. The audience clapped when people walked through the path to make them feel like they were walking on the catwalk as professional models. We also put a big box, which was covered by a black cloth with question marks on the side, in the middle of Flunk Lawn to catch people's eyes and pique their curiosity.

In addition to holding marketing activities, we trained the models how to walk and pose three weeks before the show. All of the models were student volunteers. Also, each team tried very hard to decorate their displays where they exhibited their project results. On the day of the fashion show, the models were as perfect as professional models. After the models had come onto the stage, they went back to their displays immediately and took pictures with the visitors. All the visitors were highly impressed by their professional performance. “The majors modeled and showcased their very own designs both verbally and nonverbally, said department head Jian-Shi Chao.

In addition to presenting this fashion show, we set up a charity box where people could donate their unified invoices to benefit the North Tainan branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. Every donor received a warm hug as a “thank you” prize. A lot of students were willing donate their invoices to help the disadvantaged. We were all convinced that love could be heartwarming.

This fashion show was named “City I-Fashion” not just because “I” is the first-person pronoun meaning that each individual himself or herself has unlimited potential, but also because the English “I” is pronounced similarly to the Chinese character love. It was why the Marketing majors held the fashion show and a bazaar, raised funds, collected invoices on the scene, and gave the visitors warm hugs. The purpose of the City I-Fashion was not only to present the marketing students’ final projects but also to spread love to society. One other interesting purpose was that the plaza in front of Chiu Feng Chia Memorial Hall is mistakenly called Flunking Lawn. It is believed that students who walk across the lawn will fail their classes. The marketing majors put all of their amazing and interesting displays on the plaza with the intention of helping Feng Chia University students to overcome their fear of failing.

All sophomores in the marketing department spent at least 3 months preparing for City I-Fashion. Although we all had gone through great pains to organize the show, it was really worth it. The fashion show successfully promoted the reputation of the department of Marketing and aroused the love rooted in human nature. If you missed the fashion show, we recommend that you join our big marketing events next year. We are sure you will be amazed and touched.

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