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Thursday, January 1, 2015

FCU - A Great Place to Study

Jennifer Yu & Joyce Hung
Taiwan is famous for her night markets, and in Taichung there are many night markets which have a lot of fantastic food. The most well-known night market in Taichung is the Feng Chia Night Market, which is located just outside Feng Chia University.  Unfortunately, most people who come to the night market know almost nothing about the school – and it’s an interesting school!

All photos by the authors

Feng Chia University has built many new structures in recent years. For example, we bought a piece of land outside campus and will expand in the next couple of years. This past year, the school completed a new study center here at school, and it has become the most popular place on campus.

This new study center, located in the department of the Ren-yen building, is a multi-function study center. First, there is a large break area where you can eat while you study. The tables are long and big, so you can get together with your study group or friends. Besides, there are vending machines and computers in the corners, so this is a convenient place to buy something to drink or search for information on the Internet. Next is the center’s main study room. Unlike the traditional study rooms, it combines a study room and a small library. There are comfortable sofas here, and computers you can use to search for information for your report or project. Third, there are many meeting rooms that students can reserve for meetings with their study group. Some meeting rooms have a projector and whiteboard; others have a TV and a whiteboard.  Finally, the study center also includes a few classrooms. The student desks in these rooms are on wheels, so they can be moved easily for different learning activities.

Of course, there are some rules for study center use. Students reserve meeting rooms by filling out an Internet form. Students need to enter their name, class, and student number.  Once they have filled out the form, have to confirm their reservation to ensure that they can use the meeting room. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the meeting rooms. There are many books and magazines in the main study room; students can borrow them with their student ID. The computers in the main study room and break area are available for anyone to use. The only rule for these rooms is that students shouldn’t make too much noise and bother other people who are studying.

This new study center is not only beautiful but also very convenient and comfortable. Our favorite area of the center is the meeting rooms, because it is always so hard to find a place to do our team work. Now we have such a place, and it is well-equipment. Not only that; the study center is open from 8 AM to 10 PM, so you can study here for a whole day. The computers are new and fast, and there are lots of seats. There is only one thing you have to remember; if you want to enter the study center after 6 PM, you will need your FCU ID card.

Many students and teachers have been to this new study center already, and we really like spending time here. If you are looking for a comfortable place to study or a well-equipped meeting room for your next group project get-together, FCU’s new study center just might be the perfect choice. 

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