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Thursday, January 1, 2015

FCU's e-Campus

Patrick Chen & Andrea Chiu

There is a proverb that says, “A sparrow may be small, but its body has every organ that it needs.” This is also a very good description of my college, Feng Chia University. Feng Chia University is not as large as other colleges like Tunghai University or National Cheng Kung University, but it’s very comprehensive and has an excellent school spirit.

The best thing about Feng Chia University (FCU) is that it is an “e-Campus.” There are lots of electronic systems all over campus, including ID card, Personal Information Station, and Internet classroom.

The student ID card is the most convenient tool you can have at Feng Chia University. Our student ID card is also an easy card. You can use your ID card to do things at school and also to get on the public bus. Recently, U-bikes have come to Taichung (there is a bike station just outside the FCU campus), and you can use your FCU ID card/easy card to rent a bike. All you need is your FCU Student ID card to have a great time around Taichung.

The Feng Chia University Personal Information Station, which is also called “Feng Chia APPS,” can be used to register for classes, check our personal attendance record, apply for a leave of absence, and even to apply for school loans.  

Another important part of FCU’s e-Campus is our Internet classrooms. All information for every class offered at FCU is available on the school’s “iLearn” course management system. If you want information about your class, your homework, or your exams, you can log in and find what you need. Students can also use the iLearn system to communicate with their classmates and teachers can communicate with their students. If students have a problem or a question, they can send an e-mail to their teacher immediately through iLearn, so they can learn more efficiently.

In summary, Feng Chia University’s e-Campus is a huge innovation in the history of the school. Students all enjoy it and are glad to have a high tech campus. If you would like to experience a high tech university education, maybe you should consider Feng Chia University!

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