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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Look at FCU - See the Future

Xavier Lu & Ian Liao

There are many colleges in Taiwan; some of them cooperate with local governments on developing projects. In central Taiwan, Feng Chia University (FCU) is one of these colleges. FCU will have a big change in a couple of years because of its cooperation with the Taichung city government on the new “Gateway” project.

Taichung City government has a new plan for the old Taichung airport adjacent to the FCU campus; it’s called Taichung Gateway District. This new district will change FCU in many ways. First, there will be some new construction at FCU. For example, a new building called the “Eco-green Building” will be built on a piece of land the school has purchased in the district. Moreover, a new Technology Research Building will replace the old Recreation Building, a new Student Activity Center will be built, a pond will be formed behind the Engineering College, and the school’s Main Gate will be moved to the other side of campus, where it will lead directly to the new Eco-Green building. That’s a lot of change!

The Gateway project will bring other changes, as well. Because the new district is located in next to FCU, there will hopefully be more opportunities for FCU-enterprise cooperative projects with the businesses drawn to the new district. Furthermore, these companies will choose outstanding FCU students as their employees. Therefore, senior high school students aiming for jobs in Taichung Gateway will choose FCU for their professional education. Because these students come from different districts, cities, and even different countries, they will bring their ideas, opinions, and cultures to FCU, making it an even better place to study.

In the future, FCU will develop with the Gateway. Although we seniors may have no chance to use these new facilities because we are going to graduate soon, we are still proud of our alma mater and of the school it will become. 

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