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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Moon? Cheese? Moon Cheese - Now at FCU!

Bob Yang & Eric Huang

If you feel hungry in the middle of class and you don’t have enough time to buy something between classes, you have a new option. Moon Cheese bakery recently arrived on the Feng Chia University campus. Unlike other cafeterias in the campus area, Moon cheese provides cheap, delicious, and convenient fresh breads.
All photos by the authors

Before moving to their new location, Moon Cheese was located in the basement of the 忠勤 building. However, now they have moved up to the old vending machine space, a six-by-three-meter area between the college of engineering building and the 忠勤 building, where more people pass by on their way to class.

Moon Cheese offers many choices for the students and teachers, including donuts, croissants, garlic bread, milk bars, and sweet potato croissants. We have tried all of their breads and coffee, and the one that really impressed us was the garlic bread, also known as “Moon Cheese Garlic.” It’s like a rectangle baguette covered with garlic jam. It smells very tasty, especially when it has just come out of the oven, and costs only NT$30 each. During their reopening, you can also get a free cup of coffee and a beverage coupon once you spend NT$100 on their breads.

No matter if you want to have breakfast or if you just have a craving for some snacks in the afternoon, Moon Cheese is your best choice – fast, cheap, and delicious. After trying their breads once, we are sure you will look forward to your second visit! 

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