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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Toward the Future - FCU Moving Forward

Donna Liu & Howie Chen

Feng Chia University keeps improving all the time, and cares a lot about students’ lives. In order to be a faultless university, the school has devised the FCUPLUS plan. The main idea of this plan is to cultivate students who are highly qualified professionally and are also good citizens. The FCUPLUS plan is not too hard to understand.

   The “F” means “fusing learning and career.’’ This means that the school will help students improve their skills so that they will get good jobs after graduate. They propose new ideas such as digital-opening program. The “C” means “connecting research and industry.” Feng Chia University cooperates with companies to help them with their research and development and to strengthen student abilities.

The “U” means “upgrading global mobility and recruitment.” Senior high school students compare which university is best before entering a college. In order to attract good students, Feng Chia promotes the quality of entrance level no matter whether it’s for students from other countries or from Taiwan. Furthermore, they encourage students to study abroad and to find internship opportunities.

The “P” means “promoting administrative efficiency and innovation.” The school hires qualified teachers every year and invites well-known scholars to teach classes and give lectures. Departments also design a variety of classes. “L” means “lasting financial resources.” To increase revenue and achieve maximum efficiency, the school makes good use of its assets, space, and resources.

The “U” in “PLUS” means “upholding eco-campus and green education.” Feng Chia University is constructing a “green university” in developing new campuses, reducing total power consumption, and expanding parking resources. To promote environmentally sustainable development, FCU hopes to become a model university. The “S” means “securing learning quality and international accreditation.” In recent years, FCU has pursued international education recognition such as AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation.

As seniors at Feng Chia University, we have seen the advances our school has made in recent years. We hope the FCUPLUS plan will be successful and that we will be able to watch Feng Chia get even better. 

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